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Hunting Zones (WMD’s) 04, 05, 07, 08, 09, 12 & 14

Maine Moose Permit Lottery

If you are one of the lucky chosen folks for a Maine Moose Permit this brings excitement to our crew. Each year in June, Maine’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife draws over 4,000 moose permits. Permits are allocated by Wildlife Management District (WMD), sometimes referred to as “zone”. Each lucky permit holder is assigned a zone and a specific week during the season as well as bull or cow tag. Moose season begins at the end of September and extends into October, with varying weeks depending on the zone.

Hunters can apply for a Moose permit online and the deadline is typically mid-May. If you have any questions on the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Moose readily respond to calling during the rut and often we are pursuing these giants where they hide. Our guides are fit and enthusiastic and willing to hike up mountains, into cut over areas or into the swamps and wetlands if that’s what it takes. We build your hunt around your ability and determination. We are always up to a challenge and will do our best to make your hunt successful. We are fully equipped with all the heavy duty gear needed to retrieve these large animals, quartering and packing them out of remote locations if need be.

With contacts throughout the guiding industry, we have the ability to rent lodging near many of the areas we hunt. For the remote hunts in northwestern Maine, we set up a temporary camp in the heart of Moose country. Prices and accommodations will vary depending on the zone. Although we have zones that we prefer to hunt, we are flexible on locations and will consider hunts in other areas.

Successful Bull Moose Hunt in Northern Maine

Now offering remote tent-camp guided Moose Hunts in WMD(zone) 04!

Our fully guided, remote wall-tent hunts put you closer to remote areas with higher moose populations. The tent-camp option minimizes driving and you will wake up in the heart of prime moose country. We primarily offer the tent-camp option in WMD 04 because of higher moose densities and the adaptive hunt option. Remote tent-camp hunts may be available in other zones. Please contact us for availability.

During a remote tent-camp hunt you will stay in a Davis wall tent heated with wood stoves. L.L. Bean Military Camp Cots, combined with an additional 3″ sleeping pad provide a comfortable and warm bed.  Included with the hunt are top quality meals, including breakfast, lunch (either to-go or at camp if we are close enough to return) and a relaxing dinner, after a full day of hunting.

We want our moose hunting guests to have a comfortable and relaxing experience in the remote Maine woods.



Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for our successful 2022 Bull Moose Hunt. You provided a great experience for my son from quartering a moose out of the woods at night, calling a 49” Bull into gun range to hanging and quartering up his animal.

The camp was excellent. We loved the tent camping experience. You provided a great Camp with a personal touch that you just don’t see anymore. Don’t change a thing. The food, Guide Service and knowledge of Zone #4 was above my expectations.

Seeing Moose was tougher than we expected due to the foliage. Only 29 bulls were checked in at the game station in the first five days of the season when typically 22 are checked in on the first day proves how tough it is and why a Guide Service is your best choice to be successful. Getting a 49” bull is what every hunter shoots for especially calling it in from 200 yards.

A special thanks to the Cooks ( Arron and Darrel). Chris and I put on 5 Lbs each during the Hunt. Their help deboning the Moose in 2.5 hrs. was invaluable in keeping the meat from spoiling.

Best of Luck with your Guide Service and hope to see you again.

2022 PA Hunters
Chris and Dennis Roche

2022 Tent-Camp Hunt – Zone 4 – 49″ Spread

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